Richard Horn

      Good day everyone.
      If you are viewing this page right now it is because you know me or have met me some where along your journey in life. You must know by now that my hobbies are hunting, fishing, biking, dancing(socializing) and drinking. The later I have to work on because it conflicts with the biking and good health.
      Some people think I like working hard and that working on houses is a fun hobby for me. It is not, I do that to get ahead in life and build up an investment for retirement.
      I have created this page to help share some of my photos with everyone. The background image is a picture taken near the base of Antelope Hill on the edge of Government Prairie. It's right in the middle of the unit where I hunt Elk in Arizona.

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Some hunting pictures  

Some pictures of my remodeling  

Tina and O'Mally   Cats

The new addition to dads house  

Various Other Pictures  

MegaHurtz bike rides in and around Tucson